Last Saturday, we had our defense in ICS7 for  three hours. Sadly, me and my partner were supposed to be the one who’s going to present next but it was already 6pm. So that means, we still have to present next week. And i thought that all of the stress would end last week Maybe it’s a good thing that we didn’t present yet since we were lacking something in our website. So there’s more time for revisions. 🙂


On the first hour of our ICS7 today, ma’am discussed Chapter 9: Interaction Design. And on the second hour, we showed our site pair by pair. Our site wasn’t really finished yet since we had trouble using JQuery. It was pretty hard since the slider, menu and some other stuffs used jquery. I hope we could finish our site by March.

Then on the last hour of our ICS7, we had to make a Biodata wherein the user can input their info and submit. Good thing I successfully made one. Even though it’s a bit “crappy” =))


Lesson learned: Research more on codes. It can broaden your knowledge. 😀


So last saturday, ma’am got sick and texted one of my blockmates who I think was the class president (omg why didn’t I even know) and told him that we’re not going to meet since she wasn’t feeling well. I was a bit relieved and at the same time frustrated because I didn’t sleep that much the night before and I even had to wake up early to finish our project proposal paper thingy since me and my partner couldn’t make it on time on our secretary’s deadline.

After a few hours, ma’am texted again and asked us if we would still have our classes in the afternoon since she was feeling well again. But then some of us were not around in the campus anymore since we thought that the classes were already cancelled. So they told ma’am and she just told us that we will have the meeting next Saturday even though it’s Engineering Week 😦 Good luck to us :))

Oh well. I should just probably finish on our site since we have to pass this on the 14th. Haaay.


In our ICS7 lecture today, we presented the progress of our e-commerce website which is KabayanCentral. We didn’t really much had any progress since it was a bit difficult for us to make a responsive website that would really look nice and simple.

We showed to her a sample of the website that we have finished and the original site of KabayanCentral. Ma’am told us some things that we should consider in our website such as putting the Cart and making it visible, having the header, navigator, body of the site and the footer, making a new page for our personal information whenever the user clicks our name in the footer of the site and lots of more.

Ma’am told us that we should make a progress of our site every week and that we should monitor ourselves so that we wouldn’t cram whenever we have to show her our progress.

On our ICS7 Lab, we took our quiz 3 that has only 18 items in eleap. Some of us forgot to read the directions and they didn’t know that some items were supposed to be answered in uppercase and that there is no backtracking. Good thing I was still having trouble with opening the site when I heard ma’am telling our blockmates that they should’ve read the directions. I just hope that I have a perfect score since some items were a bit tricky.

Ma’am is now letting us continue our website so that we can have more time to think about what to put and what to change in our sites. I just hope that we could finish things on time. It really stresses me. Good thing that I only have to worry about ICS7 and Management for now. Since in both subjects, we have to make our own sites. Although here in ICS7, we have to make it for real.


Last Saturday on the first hour of our ICS7 course, I had to take my Quiz 2 because I took the retake of our Quiz 1 last meeting. Good thing I reviewed and had answered all of the items in the test even though ma’am told us to answer only 5 items in the identification part. Then half of the 1st hour we started playing a game that ma’am made. There were 2 teams and I was in Team B. We were going to answer the questions showed that were about Chapters 6-8.

On the 2nd hour, our team won the game since our points were around -100+ and the other team was -500+. The game was really fun to be honest. Also, ma’am shared some of her experiences about our course and about the jobs and stuff which made us realize that we should love the course that we have since there are still different fields to choose from.

On the last hour, ma’am told us to make our own UST Home Page. I was a bit shocked since I knew from the start that it would take time to make a nice website and sadly I couldn’t finish the home page. I saw some of my blockmates who had finished their own website. They used http://www.wix.com which is a website where they can freely make their on pages/sites but not use codes. I was a bit disappointed since I didn’t know it was approved by ma’am and I had a hard time making mine since I only used Codecademy. But a blockmate of mine who also did the same as me, told me that at least we’re practicing how to code and that we’re learning.

Sadly, when I checked my Codecademy, the codes of the first home page that I made disappeared and that I had to make a new one. So this is the result of the new one but I couldn’t finish it also. Sorry. =))


Lesson learned: Think positive. Nothing is impossible when you know that you can do it. 🙂


On the first hour of our ICS7 course, we took our quiz 1 retake/ quiz 2. I took the quiz 1 retake since I didn’t pass the first attempt and good to know that I finally passed the second attempt. I didn’t have the time to take the second quiz because ma’am had to discuss the other chapters for our prelim exam. So that means I have to take the second quiz after the prelims. Goodness.

On the second hour, we discussed chapter 5 since ma’am told us that the previous chapter was self-explained and that she didn’t have to lecture us on that one. During lecture, we’ve had our laughs since some of us were telling jokes to our professor and by the end of the hour, she even told us about some of her past experiences with our present professors.

On the last hour which was in the lab, we had to make our own New Year’s Resolution using HTML and CSS codes. I already thought of this nice new year’s reso but then I didn’t have the time to make it since it was a bit complicating and I only have less than an hour to make it. So, the result of my work was this:


I didn’t like the result, to be honest. Since it was a bit plain and I couldn’t make the dimensions 1024 x 800. I tried doing the background-repeat to “no-repeat” and nothing happens which made me really mad since my work looked really bad. 😦

Lesson Learned. Try to make things simple and do things more quickly. And also, review HTML and CSS codes because I forgot some of the codes because of the Christmas Break. =)))


What the.. Parallax?

I keep on seeing this activity, Parallax, in our ICS7 and I wondered what that was.

So I searched and found out that Parallax Scrolling uses multiple backgrounds which seem to move at different speeds to create a sensation of depth (creating a faux-3D effect) and an interesting browsing experience. (Based from http://www.awwwards.com/30-great-websites-with-parallax-scrolling.html)

Gaddemit. I want to make one too. But then i’m too busy doing my Accounting homework. (Yup, gonna pass this pretty much late.)

I suppose i’m going to use this Christmas Vacation of mine to explore Web Designing more. It kinda interests me on how these certain awesome websites are done. And who knows? Maybe i’d be one of the best Web Developer in the country! But i’m just kidding. AS IF. =))